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software design and development

We design and develop in addition to the site, mobile APP, there are WeChat applications, e-commerce platform, enterprise management software.


We customize electronic business platform which is not only on-demand research and development, but placing more empahsis on helping users to develop digital strategy, emphasizing the marketing-oriented design.


We customize our website, do not use templates, well-designed, new code, reject homogeneity, continually demanding perfection.

online marketing

On the basis of the in-depth study of Internet media resources, according to the objective reality of the enterprise, providing enterprises with the most cost-effective personalized network marketing solutions.

Cloud computing services

Full-featured site rental service, 99.9% of the year online guarantee, preferential prices, as well as professional monitoring and dedicated engineers to maintain, so that Lansum will become the destination of your search.

our porducts


Using technologies such as the Internet and mobile terminals, sensors, iot, LBS , we effectively connect community residents, the owners' committee, property management, surrounding businesses, neighborhood committees, etc., makeing relevant user community anytime, anywhere to enjoy the advantages of intelligence community.

Huanghuang office assistant

Office assistant is a innovative patented technology product developed with lansum’s independent research, breaking the traditional way of working, bringing a light enterprise application management era.

Lansum B2C / B2B electronic business platform

Emphasizing the marketing-oriented design concept, in addition to a good user experience, more convenient to import a variety of marketing tools, focus on cross-network media and SNS integrated marketing, combined with mobile Internet and the latest technology applications.

The multi-language translation platform

The multi-language translation platform can make the real-time communication possible for cross-border e-commerce platforms and cross the real-time communication barrier, and give full play to the role of all kinds of cross-border e-commerce platforms.


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