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Who are we?

Lansum International Corp (朗曦国际)

Currently has nine branches in the world, located in Los Angeles, New Zealand, Hongkong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Lansum's business involves software design and development, mobile APP development, information system integration, planning and implementation of e-commerce applications, website design and construction, Internet marketing planning and implementation, outsourcing operation and management of customer information systems, and cloud computing technology (PAAS, SAAS) and services.

HSC hotel procurement platform operation

UPhotoMe e-commerce / community platform operations.

Lansum is committed to providing high quality professional and technical services to customers, the results submitted even exceed customer’s expectations.

Lansum (Shanghai) Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in April 2004, with a core team from a subsidiary of former chinadotcom company Ion Global (Nasdaq: China). It has successfully built more than 100 e-business solutions for over 80 companies in China. Our clients include the world top 500 enterprises, such as IBM、YUM China、NSN、Jinling hotels、NARADA HOTEL GROUP etc. Lansum (Shanghai) is Yum China Branding Site’s single technology provider. We have been providing quality services for over ten years.

Lansum technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Founded in 2014, cooperating with the urban economy society of the Chinese academy of social sciences research center, Shanghai jiaotong university, Post-doctoral mobile stations of xinjiang university. It is committed to promoting the construction of China's urban and rural intelligence. Main business involves the intelligent community, Traffic intelligence, medical intelligence, education intelligence, the exhibition mall intelligence and city related aspects such as operational development and cooperation of the project. Other prospective new technology development research, such as the combination of IoT sensor technology and AR Technology. Has submitted several construction aspects of an application for a patent for intelligence.

Shanghai Lansum Creative Intelligence Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, the core team came from SMG. The perfect combination of the rich experience in the media industry and the Internet marketing experience. Primary service related to online marketing promotion plan implementation and the traditional media advertising planning production.

HSC (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2015, the China Hotel Industry Supply and Demand Association designated platform, relying on a wealth of industry background and industry resources to build China's hotel industry supply of third-party fair, open, transparent and standardized procurement mechanism, become the hotel industry "Internet + Procurement" platform leader, is committed to building a world-class hotel industry supply cloud platform.

Lansum(Beijing) Wai Shan Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in June 2010, is based on the integration of the Internet, enterprise network of public opinion management for the characteristics of professional communication advisory services. The company has the most comprehensive newspapers, television, Internet, outdoor and other effective media resources and a wide range of government contacts and establish a good relationship of cooperation and interaction with CCTV, Xinhua and other state-level media. The company's planning marketing team with a large number of network marketing, network public relations experience, with the planning and implementation of skilled network activities capacity. In July 2010 formally signed up as Qianlong network home channel sponsor.

Lansum HongKong

Wizard Design and Communications Consultant was found in Hong Kong in 2002, and joined Lansum in 2004.Team consists of people working mainly in Shanghai, and we have a New Business Development presence in Hong Kong. Services included web design and programming, graphic design, packaging design, brand building and advertising. Currently have clients from Australia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Canada, Korea and America.

Lansum Los Angeles

Was founded in Los Angeles in June 2010. Shanghai Headquarter is providing the R & D and production base. It is committed to provide our customers e-commerce global business and brand strategy consulting services, practical and efficient one-stop e-commerce solution services, public relations strategy development and implementation, public relations and event planning, corporate image packaging and communication, product promotion and professional crisis management consulting services.

Lansum ANZ Limited

In October 2010 incorporated in New Zealand. Company to Lansum international Shanghai company for research and development, production base, responsible for developing the Australian market, is committed to providing enterprises with efficient and practical one-stop e-commerce solutions, and public relations strategy development and implementation, public relations and event planning, corporate image packaging, product promotion, public relations management crisis, and other professional communication consulting services.


2004.4 Lansum company was officially established with the Chinese name of Deep Blue Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai. It serviced as one of IBM's outsourcing service providers.
2004.4 Wizard Design and Communications Consultant, a Hongkong company, joined Lansum as a branch at Hong Kong.
2004.5 Lansum became Fuji Xerox China's official website solution provider.
2005.2 Lansum cooperated with Intel providing management advices for the railway express service system.
2005.5 Yum China granted the operation and management of her brand website group solely to Lansum after two years' smooth cooperations.
2005.7 Lansum set her new name as Lansum (Shanghai) Information Technology Co. Ltd. and expanded the registered capital, establishing the company well in IT services business with the strategic objective of progressive development of online services.
2005.9 EDM, the independently developed marketing system, was published and favored by public because of its superior overall performance to most competitors in the market and its powerful analytical tools. Lansum became the solely designated EDM marketing provider for Yum China brand websites and Regalia Hotel Group.
2006.5 The smooth operation and management over Yum China website group by Lamsum reached its third year mark with visiting volume increasing more than 100 times. Lansum provided a prospect report to Yum China's branded web sites, emphasized the importance of another upgrade expansion in order to cope with the future growth of mass access, and proposed a highly scalable system architecture solution. Yum China adopted the proposal and her branded web sites were updated smoothly in December 2006.
2007.7 Lamsum became an solution provider for Nokia Siemens Network as well as providing mobile web business solutions.
2008-2009 Lansum withstood the global financial crisis, continued adhering to high quality services under the situation of shrinking business.
2010.1 Nuts, an internet monitor and maintenance system, was finally kick-off after careful planning. This is Lansum's first SAAS project.
2010.6 Lansum was incorporated in Los Angeles, USA, a milestone for young Lansum going abroad for a wider world.
2010.6 Lansum Beijing branch was established, with the main business being online and interactive marketing enriching the company's online business system.
2010.10 Lamsum Australia and New Zealand Auckland branch were incorporated to be responsible for Australian market development. We firmly believe that Lansum is bound to glory with the joint efforts of all the colleagues
2011.01 Lansum created Uphotome online printing platform, a DIY free DIY platform.
2012.09 Lansum developed the Jinling Hotel hotel site, APP, etc., to become a long-term partner.
2013.06-12 Lansum provided the hotel website development and maintenance services for the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Hotel and Hangzhou Junlan hotel.
2014.03 Lansum launched the concept of the wisdom of the community, it is a useful attempt to intelligent innovation for the community and create a convenient and practical, mutual benefit of the intelligent platform to the community and the surrounding institutions.
2015.02 Huanghuang office assistant as Lansum independent research and development of innovative patented technology products, officially put into use.
2015.10 Developed HSSC-Hotel industry supply chain management purchasing cloud platform.
2016.04 Lansum achieved qualifications for software enterprises and software products .
2019.10 Certified Shanghai New-high Technology Enterprise(File No:GR201931002812)


After the Re-integration of the business Lansum is different from other companies to provide individual services. We can provide customers with comprehensive, integrated e-business solutions and implementation, while providing a complete online promotion services. Choose Lansum, you can enjoy the professional one-stop solution services.  
Through years of filed project implementations, we build up a professional team with high caliber. The team has accumulated valuable experience in hundreds of projects crossing various business lines. Being an international creative team with unique ideas, Lansum has won various awards in the international arena. Lansum provides customers with satisfactory assurance with a complete quality control system and project management system provided by a team of outstanding PMI certified project manager (PMP).
We have served over 30 Fortune 500 companies including KFC China, Pizzahut China, Nokia Siemens Network, Hilton and other brands, with well established relationships maintained for years in recognition of our service quality; More than 10 years of cooperation with these well-known brands is the affirmation of Lansum service quality.


In the past three years, the company has developed a number of new products and new technologies. The research and development of these new technologies have laid a solid foundation for the restructuring of the company's product structure and the continuous development of the enterprises. Through its own continuous efforts, the company has made great achievements in new product development, and its main products are constantly upgrading. In 2016, it was evaluated by China software industry association as a Certified software company.
Huanghuang intelligent access control system has been granted patent authentication. The patent number is 2014107287712.
In July 2015, Lansum hotel group procurement software obtained software copyright certificate;
In February 2016, it obtained the certificate of software products;
In September 2016, e-business translation platform obtained software copyright certificate.