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Good at developing all kinds of large-scale platform, all kinds of sites and other sites,Using a unified infrastructure, one development, all platforms simultaneously updated,facilitate maintenance, reduce management costs.And a variety of PC Internet, mobile Internet marketing, new media marketing tools included into one, is China's leading SaaS-level intelligent marketing cloud platform.


LANSUM based on its own strong ability of research and development,
so far has been built for the customer six different kinds of electric business platform:

Customized electronic business platform not only on-demand research and development, pay more attention to help users develop digital strategy, emphasizing the marketing-oriented design concept, in addition to a good user experience, more convenient to import a variety of marketing tools, focus on cross-network media and SNS integration marketing, combined with mobile Internet and the latest technology applications.

  • monomer B2C online store

  • the multi-vendor electric
    business platform

  • B2B suppliers - more group
    procurement system

  • Monomer hotel
    online booking system

  • Group chain hotel
    online booking system

  • Personalized commodity customization business platform
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Design & development Tailored In-depth consultation Manual coding UE SEO
Custom development for customers, do not use low-end site templates, new code, strong function, and combines search engine optimization.
We firmly believe that different customers should have their unique style characteristics, the site design is not a universal solution, so Lansum custom development of the site has its distinctive features.
The website in your state of mind perfect presented to you, is our strong desire. For this reason, before starting to design your website, we will communicate again and again, to make sure we understand your intention.we have a unique methodology and process, to ensure the results of our submission meet your expectations.
We don't use the template, all sites are manual coding.We will launch a manual fine adjustment to the code, to make it effective to present the result we need. Attention to detail is crucial in the website construction, which allows us to precisely control code to compatible with different browsers, eliminate redundant code and reduce the volume of our pages, speed up the browse. We ensure that all the technology in our website meet the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.
Most site designers are overly biased towards the functionality and richness of content, and as a result, the site looks complex and difficult to understand and navigate for users.We will pay more attention to the site's clear site structure and user experience. For a successful site, this importance should be in the first place.
Thanks to new code and code optimization, Lansum's web site has been optimized for a number of search engines. Search engines can scan the Internet, test the site's code and construct the database accordingly. The quality of the code has a very important influence on it.
In addition,we will provide the best advice on the content of the website. The use of keywords and frequency of occurrence will also be carefully considered, which is an important factor affecting the classification of search engines.


On-line Internet marketing is on the basis of the in-depth study of various Internet media resources (such as search engines, industry portal, online media, forum blog, virtual community,etc.),analyzing accurately the positioning of various network media resources,user behavior and input costs.According to the objective reality of the enterprise (such as enterprise size, development strategy, advertising budget, etc.), providing enterprises with the most cost-effective one or more personalized network marketing solutions.Mainly contains the following kinds of major marketing tools:

  • Search engine marketing

  • Social media marketing
    (word of mouth marketing,
    WeChat, micro-blog)

  • "soft article"marketing

  • Online advertisement

  • The viral marketing

  • The large data precision marketing
    (large data /APP/ social media account / Email Marketing)

SaaS(Software as a Service)

Software as a Service (SaaS, Software as a Service) is a software application delivery model that provides services over the Internet. Lansum will deploy the application software on the server. Customers do not need to purchase the software. The order will be paid to Lansum according to the actual demand. The service will be paid according to the ordered service and the length of time. Lansum provides full management and maintenance of the software, as well as software off-line operations and local data storage, allowing users to use their software and services whenever and wherever they may be, without the need for software maintenance.
Lansum is very optimistic on the SaaS market,products use SaaS model to provide services,hotel smart sourcing cloud,uphotome,etc..For SMEs, SaaS eliminates the need for enterprises to buy, build and maintain infrastructure and applications, and it is the best way to quickly adopt advanced technologies.Based on professional team, cutting-edge technology, advanced e-commerce concepts and sincere and thoughtful customer service, Lansum is to promote SaaS business development.