Products developed by Lansum is committed to bring you life and work convenience.


Huanghuang office assistant is independently developed by Lansan with innovative, patented technology, which breaks the traditional way of working and brings a light enterprise application management era.

Huanghuang office assistant is based on the cloud application service, enterprises don’t need to build complex systems, only installing bluetooth sensors in the doorway, opening accounts at the background can put it into use, enabling convenience and low cost.


Uphotome help users from the picture to explore the wonderful, from simple to create happiness, with a professional to create the classic, turn the life of fragments into the warmth of life.

Uphotome send integrated line of many printing and printing suppliers, to create a free DIY platform.Uphotome will send works to your hands at the fastest speed or to your loved ones, and friends, let them be surprise and moved.


Hotel industry supply chain information management and procurement transactions cloud platform, is committed to helping hotels and supply enterprises with their own supply chain management system, and truly become the next three decades "good use of Internet technology company." Its core system is: the hotel (group) procurement transaction system, hotel (group) procurement management information system (SaaS model), the "five-star hotel home" immersive experience consumption B2C platform. Regardless of the computer or mobile side can help companies control their lifeline at any time.

The hotel was changed by us
Supplier was changed by us

It’s time to change!



Using technologies such as the Internet and mobile terminals, sensors, iot, LBS , effectively connected community residents, the owners' committee, property management, surrounding businesses, neighborhood committees, etc., make relevant user community anytime, anywhere to enjoy the advantages of intelligence community.

By introducing a big data technology, more intelligence to provide highly personalized service for the community members, a life platform is built.



The multi-language translation platform is a web platform application class instant communication system that allows users in the communication side of the client while not downloading any client software to facilitate the text input communication.

The instant communication system can carry out language translation through its own intelligent language library and other third-party translation engines.The system can automatically detect each user's current language version of the computer equipment used, the user can set their own, and the text content that the remote communication object sent over is automatically translated into the necessary language.