Lansum is committed to developing products to bring convenience to life.

Based on the successful experience and technology accumulation of the self-developed Bluetooth positioning products, Huanghuang, we have developed an intelligent system that does not require users to install a fixed equipment (such as OBU) in their cars and can use their own mobile phone to automatically complete the Toll payment of high ways.

To deliver winning intelligent Toll Collection solutions for highway in China.



Huanghuang office assistant is based on the cloud application service, enterprises do not need to build complex systems, only installing Bluetooth sensors in their doorway, opening accounts at the background, and then put it into use, convenience and low cost.

It is an innovative patent technology product developed by Lansum. It can be customized, butt the big data of the enterprise, and expand to other scenes of the hotel, community, school and so on.

Entry and exit doors no longer rely on door cards, record attendance automatically, facilitate statistical analysis, improve work efficiency, and break traditional work methods.


Help users to discover wonders from the picture, create happiness from the simple, create a classic by professional, and turn the fragments and moments of life into the warmth and beauty of life.

Uphotome integrates many printing suppliers together, to create an independent DIY platform, and use the fastest speed to send user's works to their hands, or as a gift to the hands of the relatives, lovers and friends, turn into a surprise and move.


HSC is the hotel industry supply chain information management and procurement trading cloud platform, dedicated to help hotels and supply enterprises to have zero input and own supply chain management system, truly become the next thirty years "good Internet technology company". Its core system is: the hotel (Group) procurement and transaction system, the hotel (Group) procurement management information system (SaaS model), the " Take the 5-star hotel home" immersion experience consumption B2C platform. Whether the computer side or the mobile terminal can help enterprises to control their lifeline at any time.

The hotel will change because of us.
Suppliers will change because of us.

It’s time to change!



Using the Internet, mobile terminal, sensor, IoT, LBS and other technologies, it can effectively connect the community residents, the owners' committee, the property, the neighborhood merchants, the community committees and so on. Through the full function service of the mobile APP, it automatically opens the gate of the community, the door of residents, simply one key for repair, the public service fee reminding and the convenient payment, more available. Through customized development, bring useful functions such as emergency help, community mutual assistance, easily access to preferential information and direct reservation of related services, allow users to enjoy the convenience brought by the INTELLIGENT community anytime and anywhere.

By introducing cutting-edge Big Data technology, provide highly personalized service for the community members more intelligent, build a living platform that the members of the community never want to leave.



The multi-language translation IM platform is a web platform application of instant messaging system that allows users in the client-side without downloading any client software to facilitate the text input communication.

The system can carry out language translation through its own intelligent language library and other third-party translation engines. The system can automatically detect each user's current language version of the computer equipment used, of cause the user can set their own language. And the text content that the remote user sent over is automatically translated into the necessary language.