With professional technical capabilities, to provide customers with safe, reliable, high-quality,
easy to expand the industry solutions to meet the different needs of the rapid development of business.


Lansum intelligent community product through mobile phones and other intelligent terminals will be residents of the community, owners, property, surrounding businesses, neighborhood committees, and other parties seamlessly together.Automatically detect the location,when the users are close to the door , automatically completes authentication and open the door action. The notice of residential committees and owners directly to the residents, reminders of public utilities and convenient payment (online or mobile payment), through the APP to repair the property, and so on, and through large data analysis to provide highly personalized service.



Huanghuang office assistant is built on the cloud of open application services, it is precariously Lansum independent research and development of innovative patented technology product.Enterprises do not need to build complex systems, only installing bluetooth sensors in the doorway, opening accounts at the background can put it into use.Binding mobile phone equipment, precise positioning, automatic recording attendance. Breaking down the traditional way of working, fast task assignment, team members management , real-time tracking control project progress, improve staff KPI data, and docking with other enterprise applications , the depth of large data analysis.


Lansum group hotel procurement system, the holding / rental hotel, entrusted management hotel, group purchasing center and other parties organically linked together.
Hotel supplies purchase price transparent, online orders, online real-time control, improve efficiency and reduce costs, for different grades of the hotel to provide different prices, for different hotels with different products, to create the hotel purchase industry"Taobao."Compared to traditional procurement model is a major innovation.


According to the actual situation of the hotel to provide differentiated one-stop online marketing solutions, both contribute to the hotel brand image enhancement, but also strengthen the influence of member hotels to help the hotel group's overall business line from line to line O2O mode change, increase the proportion of members of the group cross-marketing hotel, the hotel hotels fragmented 'information island' integrated into a unified platform to optimize the customer service model, truly achieve market segmentation, while reducing marketing costs.