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Our Services



In addition to designing and developing websites and mobile apps for clients, we also provide services such as WeChat applications, e-commerce platforms, and enterprise management software.

AI Services

Using deep learning methods such as machine learning and artificial neural networks to solve practical application problems such as machine vision, image recognition and search, natural language processing (NLP), etc.


Our customized e-commerce platform is not only developed based on customer needs, but also emphasizes helping users formulate digital strategies, and emphasizes a marketing-oriented design concept.

Data Analysis Services

By analyzing data, we achieve more refined operations. We use data to support decision-making, enhance competitiveness, and drive business growth.

WEBSITE Construction

We customize website development for our clients without using templates. We design with meticulous care and use brand new coding. We reject homogeneity and constantly strive for perfection.


Based on in-depth research of various internet media resources, we conduct precise analysis of the positioning, user behavior and investment cost of each network media resource. Based on objective and actual situations, we provide enterprises with the most cost-effective and personalized internet marketing solution(s).

Our Products

Supply Chain Management Platform

Integrating the management of multiple platforms, including material management, contract management, procurement management, order management, financing management, settlement management, real-time monitoring of driver transportation APP, etc., to provide customers with mature financial management information solutions.

E-Commerce Platform

Emphasizing a marketing-oriented design concept, it not only provides a good user experience, but also facilitates the introduction of various marketing tools, focuses on the integration of cross-network media and SNS marketing, and combines mobile Internet and the latest technology applications.

Supply Chain Finance Platform

Using order data on the platform as endorsements. With the support of technologies such as blockchain and AI, it solves the problem of data reliability and provides a reliable basis for risk assessment by banks and other financial institutions.

AI-assisted Customs Declaration Platform

Through intelligent means, it can release the manpower investment of enterprise customs declaration officers and completely solve the pain point of manual input of massive customs declaration documents, greatly improving work efficiency.

Warehouse Management Platform

Providing customers with efficient warehousing management, freight management, and logistics management services. The platform provides a series of transaction processing functions, including warehouse management, inbound management, outbound management, material management, data backup, freight information management, logistics information management, etc.

Yard Management Platform

Using precise positioning and intelligent appointment management to effectively solve the management problems of container storage, scheduling, transfer, container delivery, and container pickup. It greatly improves the efficiency of yard operation management while reducing losses and operating costs.


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