We provide professional services and make our customers full of confidence.

Software Design & Development

Good at developing and producing all kinds of large-scale platforms, all kinds of website sites, etc., using a unified low-level architecture to adapt to a variety of platforms to update synchronously, facilitate maintenance, and reduce management costs. It also incorporates various PC Internet, mobile Internet marketing methods, and new media marketing tools. It is China's leading SaaS-level intelligent marketing cloud platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

AI services are innovative online services that combine cloud computing and AI technology to provide highly intelligent solutions for businesses and individuals. AI services have wide-ranging applications in fields such as healthcare, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and more. These services are provided through APIs, SDKs, and other means, making it easy for developers to integrate them into their applications and create more intelligent products, ultimately enhancing their competitive edge and user experience.

As a professional AI team, the Lansum team specializes in utilizing machine learning, neural networks, and other deep learning methods to help clients solve practical application problems. For example, we use optical character recognition (OCR) technology, image processing technology (CV), and natural language processing technology (NLP) to recognize document and image data and extract and convert it into structured data. We also use NLP technology based on Transformer pre-trained large models and language models based on recurrent neural networks to classify customs commodity data. In addition, we use bert pre-trained language models to extract legal declaration elements information from commodity descriptions. These solutions greatly reduce users' workload and improve productivity.

We are committed to providing high-quality AI services to help our clients more efficiently utilize AI technology, achieve business upgrades and transformation, and ultimately achieve long-term business goals.

  • Machine Vision

  • Image Recognition And Search

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • B2C Online Store

  • SAAS Procurement System

  • B2B Online Platform

  • Single Hotel Online Booking System

  • Group Hotel Online Booking System

  • Customized Business Platform


The customized e-commerce platform not only develops on-demand, but also focuses on helping users formulate digital strategies. It also emphasizes on marketing-oriented design concepts. In addition to a good user experience, it can facilitate the introduction of various marketing tools, focusing on the integration of online media and SNS Marketing, combined with mobile internet and the latest technology applications.

Based on its strong research and development capabilities, Lansum has so far created six different e-commerce platforms for its customers:


Data Analysis Services

Data analysis service is a type of service that uses computer technology and statistical methods to process, analyze, visualize, and interpret data. Data analysis services can help businesses or individuals discover patterns and trends behind data, and make wiser decisions.

Typically, it includes the following functions:

√ Data cleansing: Processing of raw data to remove erroneous, missing, and duplicate data to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

√ Data visualization: Using various visualization tools and techniques to transform data into easily understandable charts, graphs, and tables to help clients better understand data and discover relationships between data.

√ Data mining: Using machine learning and other advanced analysis techniques to uncover potential relationships, trends, and patterns in data to help clients discover business opportunities and prospects hidden in data.

√ Predictive analysis: Using historical data and trends to predict future trends and developments to help clients make more accurate decisions.

√ Statistical analysis: Using various statistical methods and techniques to conduct in-depth analysis of data to discover correlations and differences between data.

Design & Development Tailored In-depth Consultation Manual Coding UE SEO
Custom development services for customers, never use low-end site templates, always provide new coding, strong function, and search engine optimization.
We firmly believe that different customers should have their own unique style, and there is no universal solution to the design of the website, so the Lansum custom developed web site has its distinctive features.
It is our strong desire to present your ideal website perfectly. To this end, before we start designing your website, we will communicate repeatedly to ensure that we understand your intentions. We have unique methodologies and processes to ensure that the results submitted are in line with your expectations.
We do not use templates, and all sites are made by manual coding, thanks to our team's brilliant skills in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, .Net, PHP, MySQL and MS SQL Server. The WYSIWYG editing tool can only be used as a supplement. We will manually adjust the code so that it can efficiently render the results we need. The emphasis on details is crucial in building a web site, which allows us to accurately control the code to be compatible with different browsers, eliminate redundant code, reduce page volume, speed up browsing speed, and ensure that all the web site technologies conform to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard.
Most site designers are overly biased towards the functionality and richness of content, and as a result, the site looks complex and difficult to understand and navigate for users. We will pay more attention to the site's clear site structure and user experience. For a successful site, this importance should be ranked first.
Thanks to the code optimization, the website developed by Lansum has already had an important basis for optimizing many search engines. Search engines scan the Internet, check the code of the web site and build the database, and the search engine has a large number of factors, and the quality of the code has a very important impact. In addition, we will provide the best advice on the content of the web site, and the use and frequency of the keyword will be considered carefully, which is also one of the important factors affecting the classification of the search engine.

Online Marketing

Internet online marketing is based on the in-depth study of various Internet media resources (such as search engines, industry portals, network media, forum blogs, virtual communities and so on) to accurately analyze the location, user behavior and input costs of various network media resources, according to the objective actual situation of the enterprise (such as the scale of the enterprise, Development strategy, advertising budget, etc., to provide enterprises with the most cost-effective one or more personalized network marketing solutions. It mainly includes the following major marketing tools:

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
    (Word Of Mouth Marketing,
    WeChat, Micro-Blog)

  • Article Marketing

  • Online Advertisement

  • Viral Marketing

  • The Big-Data Precision Marketing
    (Big Data/APP/Social Media/Message Marketing)