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Supply Chain Management Platform

A supply chain management platform is a software system that integrates multiple functional modules to manage various aspects of the entire supply chain, including procurement, production, inventory, distribution, and more. Through this platform, businesses can obtain real-time supply chain data and perform functions such as data analysis, tracking logistics information, coordinating with suppliers, managing inventory, and optimizing operations.

This platform helps businesses achieve supply chain transparency, collaboration, and efficiency, improve their business operational efficiency and accuracy, and reduce costs and risks.


Supply Chain Finance Platform

The supply chain finance platform developed by Lansum uses order data on the platform as endorsements. With the support of technologies such as blockchain and AI, it solves the problem of data reliability and provides a reliable foundation for risk assessment for banks and other financial institutions.
On the platform, suppliers can easily apply for, use, and repay supply chain financing. General contractors, the platform, and financial institutions can participate in the management of the financing process or act as witnesses.

The launch of the supply chain finance platform further activates and promotes the close connection and growth of business-related enterprise groups with their customers.


AI-assisted Customs Declaration Platform

Automatically identify the complete set of customs declaration materials, such as contracts, invoices, packing lists, and bills of lading.
Generate customs declaration drafts based on orders, saving time and eliminating the need for manual input.
Intelligently prompt for verification of customs declaration content to prevent errors and control error rates.
Free up the manpower of enterprise customs declaration personnel, completely solving the pain point of manual entry of a large number of customs declaration documents, greatly improving work efficiency.

An AI-assisted customs clearance platform is a software system that uses artificial intelligence technology to assist customs clearance personnel in completing the customs clearance process. The platform can use techniques such as natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning to improve the efficiency and accuracy of customs clearance, reduce customs clearance risks and costs.


Warehouse Management Platform

The warehouse management platform helps enterprises comprehensively control the daily warehouse management tasks of inventory items, such as warehousing, transfer, adjustment, and inventory, and seamlessly connects with other departmental application systems such as business and finance, enabling real-time access to the latest inventory information. This effectively avoids inventory pile-ups or shortages and ensures smooth production operations. To meet the needs of the freight business, the inventory system also provides logistics management, freight information management, and other functions, allowing enterprises to improve work efficiency and save labor costs.

The platform effectively integrates multiple management functions through information technology and integrates transportation and storage resources. With unified service docking, the platform can facilitate the transaction processing of warehouse management personnel, improve production efficiency, and enhance management levels.


Yard Management Platform

The platform adopts technologies such as precise positioning and intelligent appointment management to effectively solve the management problems of container storage, dispatch, transfer, delivery, and pickup. Specifically, through precise positioning technology, the system can monitor the location and status of containers in real-time, thereby identifying and solving problems promptly. Intelligent appointment management allows yard management personnel to plan container storage and transfer in advance, avoiding situations where containers are piled up.

The platform provides logistics enterprises with a more convenient, efficient, and intelligent solution for yard management.


HSC is the hotel industry supply chain information management and procurement trading cloud platform, dedicated to help hotels and supply enterprises to have zero input and own supply chain management system, truly become the next thirty years "good Internet technology company". Its core system is: the hotel (Group) procurement and transaction system, the hotel (Group) procurement management information system (SaaS model), the " Take the 5-star hotel home" immersion experience consumption B2C platform. Whether the computer side or the mobile terminal can help enterprises to control their lifeline at any time.

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