Precise management , intelligent warehousing , end-to-end traceability , making logistics more efficient

System Integration

The establishment of a warehouse management system enables the scanning of incoming goods, swiftly capturing production dates, part models, serial numbers, and more. These details are automatically matched during the outbound process, enabling precise traceability of goods and parts from warehousing to delivery.

Through the warehouse management system, comprehensive management and monitoring of inventory and material flow can be achieved, enhancing efficiency, reducing human errors, and enabling precise traceability of goods and parts from warehousing to delivery. Ultimately, this improves the level of management and operational efficiency for the enterprise.

Warehousing Services

  • Precise Warehousing Services: Inventory management of every component under each product (SKU). Inventory can be tracked on a daily basis or by individual components to ensure accuracy of customer stock and the safety of goods.
  • Transportation Services: Transporting goods according to customer requirements, ensuring the safety and timeliness of shipments.
  • Inbound and Outbound Services: Providing services for customer goods inbound and outbound, ensuring the safety and timeliness of shipments.
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking: Monitoring inventory status of goods in real-time through the warehouse management system, providing customers with up-to-date information on stock quantity, location, etc., enabling timely stock allocation for customers.

Truck Logistics

Component Manufacturing

  • Construction of Automated Production Lines: Establishing a fully automated production line to shift the manufacturing of products from complete importation to domestic production in the United States.
  • High-Quality Component Production: Providing customers with high-quality, localized component manufacturing services, producing parts that meet quality standards according to customer requirements.
  • Customer Demand Fulfillment: Offering personalized manufacturing services tailored to customer needs, including part processing, assembly, and other related services to meet various customer demands for components.
  • Quality Control: Implementing quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure that the manufactured components meet quality standards and customer requirements.